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Who we are


We are an architectural firm specialized in the construction of family houses as well as in the construction of rental buildings and administrative halls. We are also proactive in the field of renovation. So do not hesitate to contact us for a free and no-obligation offer.




Business culture

HEARTH + HOME adopts a business culture which is client-orientated, placing the clients' needs firmly at the centre of all its activities. In this spirit, quality is at the heart of all HEARTH + HOME's services, whether respecting fixed deadlines, or working within the constraints of the building sector.

Decades of service

at your service

competent and sincere advice in all areas

 transparency in pricing, whether fixed or supplementary

projects followed through from A to Z by HEARTH + HOME's architects and site managers

realisation by proven subcontractors and workmen

joint decision-making between the client and HEARTH + HOME in the choice of subcontractors

Our all-in price

In principle, the all-in price "keys in hand" , according to the attached tarif, includes the whole of the the cost of construction. It covers the whole building, in conformity with the general description, including the basement and the establishment of the building site.

Our contractual price includes various extras which others offer only as optional extras at the client's expense - or not at all..

here are some examples:

Thermal insulation of the exterior walls: 18 cm thick

Windows providng sound insulation at the 33 dB level

Halogen spoltlights in the ceilings of the entrance hall, kitchen and bathrooms

Ecological heating (heat exchange pump 'air-to-water')

Electric blinds in the living and dining rooms

Our services

Included in our services are the following: cooperation with the local commune's requirements regarding land acquisition, preparation and submission of planning permission documents, as well as all secondary communal requirements; drawing up architect's plans, subcontracting the work, managing the building site and giving advice during the construction period; making payments to subcontractors, arranging insurance, preparing the client's final account, final building checks and hand-over to the client - all these aspects are included in the guarantee and the management process.

We are forerunners

For decades HEARTH + HOME has been a forerunner as far as affordable, fixed-price home building is concerned.

The main point of our business philosophy is to build your house at the most competitive price possible by using construction modules which leave you the maximum amount of freedom to realise your own individual design. In Switzerland, more than 10'000 houses bear witness to the success of this concept.

Building without risk

The experience we've gained allows us to save you money, time and unnecessary anxiety during construction. We oversee your project on a weekly basis, from the initial financing, through the planning and authorisation phases, right through to final completion.
As the work progresses, intermediate accounts will presented; these intermediate payments, however, will only be for work already completed. This is only fair.

Modernity and quality

Architecture, for us, is a living process. Our architects keep up to date on new developments, whether in design, materials or the ecology of building so that innovations can be incorporated which will improve the quality of our houses and the level of energy consumption.

There's only one way in which we remain conservative, and that's in quality.


Our inclination towards individuality is clear.

Individuals are as different in their home requirements as they are in their general lives. For HEARTH + HOME individuality is paramount. The same applies to the various approaches to financing, something which we take account of. Houses in different price brackets and the possibility of using one's own funds allow flexibility and a certain freedm of action in the matter of financing.

Our principle

About 15 different models of house form the basis of future construction projects.

Our models of house differ esthetically as well as in their technical detail.

The conventional brick house with a superior layout, seen from every standpoint, corresponds entirely to the standards adopted by the builder.

Situation of the house - construcion

Minergie Member


Decline of the costs of heating thanks to the envelope of the building (18 cms of outside insulation)


Value ug 0.7 + 33 db lower(dim) costs of heating thanks to windows, triple insulating glass


Better heat and phonic insulation in the roof


Less energy consumption thanks to the connection between the boiler and the heat pump


Beautiful internal doors, because they are directly finished to the factory


Some individual adaptations of houses, for example: royal height of floor in the rez height ceiling 10 cms

Are not included in the prices *
1. The controlled ventilation which is essential for obtaining the minergie certificate