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Superb duo villa in Savigny


The owners of this superb villa have received their keys!

Discover our latest development in Savigny, the DUO villa! This villa offers remarkable comfort and luminosity on the upper floor, thanks to dormer windows on both sides.

Second handover in Lausanne


Superb architect-designed villa on the heights of Lake Geneva

We are proud to announce the handover of the keys to this meticulously crafted architect-designed villa. Nestled in Lausanne, it embodies the perfect marriage of contemporary design, functionality and elegance, offering its new owners an incomparable residential experience.

Chic, modern villa in Gingins


A superb, garage-twinned Party villa in Gingins

Discover our latest project in Gingins, a villa based on our Party model. The white rendering, anthracite frames and glass balcony balustrade give it a chic, modern feel that's very much in vogue right now.

3 family villa in St-Aubin


A 3 family villa delivered on time during the COVID-19 crisis - we're proud of our teams!

We've handed over the keys to this villa in St-Aubin. It comprises 3 dwellings: 2 adjoining villas and an attic apartment accessible via a spiral staircase on the left side of the villa. The villa was delivered on time, despite the pandemic. We're very proud of our team.

First handover of keys in Gingins


Our flagship model at its best

Home+Foyer SA is pleased to present this superbly appointed Party villa, built on an 880m2 plot in Gingins.

Conversion of a raw building into an Iron Bodyfit gym in Fribourg


From raw space to unrivalled fitness room in Fribourg

Home+Foyer took on the task of transforming a raw building into an Iron Bodyfit gym in Fribourg. An unusual project that challenged our teams.

Detached villa in Lausanne


Discover this detached villa built on the heights of Lausanne

The handover of the keys to this detached villa, perched on the heights of Lausanne, marks the start of a new adventure for its owners. With a panoramic view over Lake Geneva, this villa promises an exceptional living environment.

4 adjoining villas in Grancy


We handed over the keys to these 4 adjoining villas in our DUO style.

This project involves the construction of 4 adjoining villas in the commune of Grancy. The project was carried out for a developer for whom we also handled the sale of each of the villas before starting the project. The villas all look the same from the outside, yet each owner was able to give free rein to his or her imagination when it came to interior finishes (kitchen, flooring, bathrooms, etc.).

Construction completed in Bursinel


We had the pleasure of handing over the keys of this magnificient villa to its owners.

In the municipality of Bursinel, Home + Foyer SA carried out this project entirely.

Extension of an existing villa in Crissier


A remarkable expansion that has delighted our customers

Home+Foyer SA had the pleasure of working on this project to extend a villa adjoining the existing one. Our customers are very satisfied with the final result.

House finished in Chéserex!


The owners of this gorgeous house have received their keys!

At the request of customers, Home + Foyer SA managed this construction of the project until its utter completion.

Site completed in Boussens


We had the pleasure of handing over the keys of this magnificent villa to its owners !

In the commune of Boussens, Home + Foyer SA carried out the entire project, from finding the land to the final construction.

Construction of a 7-unit building in Pully


Building 4007 is built on four floors and has seven apartments. It was built on the beautiful town of Pully and offers breathtaking views of Lake Geneva.

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